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Say goodbye to memorizing your workouts or aimlessly swimming laps. FORM Workouts keep you motivated and engaged from start to finish. All you have to do is jump in the pool—FORM will take care of the rest.

For a limited time only, you can get a free 1-year membership to access Workouts (available in app).

After your free 1-year trial, we're sweetening the deal and offering memberships from as low as $14.99 AUD/month. Must have FORM Smart Swim Goggles and a membership for in-goggle workout instructions.

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Improve Your Skills

Learn proper technique to get faster, stronger, and more efficient in the pool.

  • Watch pre-workout tutorials that demonstrate proper form for a variety of swim drills at any skill level.

  • Use optional equipment to help master and maintain correct form as you develop your technique.

  • Feel the benefits of skill work while you swim and see your improvements in the app.

Workouts in the Water

6 Workout Categories

A variety of workout styles to help you achieve your goals in the water.

  • Endurance

    Build your base, maintain your pace, and push your distance limits.

  • Recovery

    Low intensity swims that let you rest up for your next high intensity session.

  • Technique

    Drill-based workouts to help improve your skills and efficiency.

  • Power

    Designed to help you sustain high-intensity efforts while swimming.

  • Sprint

    Improve your ability to execute short bursts at maximum speed.

  • Test Set

    Measure your performance and improvement over time.

Created by Experienced Coaches

FORM workouts are easy to follow, effective, and engaging. Written by coaches with over 30 years of experience coaching swimming at all levels—from beginners to the Olympic level. Whether you're a novice or expert, there's a workout that'll meet you where you're at and motivate you from warmup to warm down.

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